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Overseas Teacher Training Centers

Program Overview

Commencing in 2003, JESIE has set up four overseas teacher training centers: Jiangsu-Manchester Center for International Educational Development (Manchester, UK); SuOn Center (Toronto, Canada); Jiangsu-California International Education Center (Los Angeles, US); Jiangsu-Victoria International Education Center (Melbourne, Australia). In recent years, overseas centers have played an important role in strengthening teacher training, reinforcing the follow-up services for students studying aboard, expanding channels for international education of Chinese language and widening the scope of Jiangsu education. These have become an important platform for the promulgation of Jiangsu education and the establishment of its brand. Since 2010, the overseas centers have provided services in teacher training for the education departments in other provinces, such as Shandong, Xinjiang, Hainan to name a few.

Jiangsu-Manchester Center for International Educational Development is located in the southwest area of Manchester, UK, only 10 minutes away from University of Manchester or Manchester Metropolitan University by car and 5 minutes’ drive from Manchester United Football Club. Transportation is convenient for training, survey and visiting activities.

SuOn Center is in Toronto, Canada and it is equipped with classrooms, a library, computer centers, a gym and many other amenities and facilities. Training, meetings, lectures and accommodation are all available in the SuOn Center.

Jiangsu-California International Education Center is located in Los Angeles, United States. It has strong partnerships with Stanford University, University of California, Berkeley, University of California, Los Angeles, California Institute of Technology, and University of Southern California. It is a perfect venue for training, educational investigation and visiting activities.

Jiangsu-Victoria International Education Center is located in Melbourne, Australia. It has long-term, stable and good cooperative relations with the Group of Eight and local education authorities. It is an ideal destination for training, educational investigation or visiting activities.


The overseas centers are open to all municipal education bureaus in Jiangsu and to all provincial education departments in China.