Imperial exam culture enchants intl students


Overseas students dress in traditional Chinese costumes and take a selfie. [Photo provided to]

Ever wondered how ancient Chinese took a “college entrance exam”? Some 100 overseas students from Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics relieved the experience during a visit to Jiangnan Gongyuan, the Imperial Examination Museum in Nanjing, on Dec 9. 

The museum was built upon an ancient examination hall and displays the customs, tools and life related to keju (Imperial Examination System). 

Following an English tour guide, the students visited five exhibition areas of the museum and were impressed by its architectural design and rich historical collections. 

At the basement of the museum, the students were introduced to a special exhibition on keju culture, including its history, rules and statues of some famous figures. They also tried their hands at printing, and the ancient printmaking techniques in China. 

The visit offered the students an opportunity to comprehend China’s imperial exam culture and its related traditions.