Jiangsu scholarships lure BRI students


Arman SadyKov (second from right), head of the Kazakhstan A-Education agency, attends the launch of a Jiangsu Provincial Talent Selection Program in Nanjing, capital of Jiangsu, on Dec 18. [Photo provided to]

Jiangsu province is fueling new ways to attract students from countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). Zhang Xiang reports. 

Indonesian student Narulita Wardhani used to worry about whether she would be able to secure a good job after university, as employment pressure for fresh graduates in Indonesia is “unimaginably high”.


That was before she entered Nanjing Polytechnic Institute (NPI), a college based in Jiangsu, East China. The school offers joint programs with Chinese employers with operations overseas, provides skills training for international students, and helps them find jobs with Chinese businesses in their home countries after graduating. 

Narulita completed her program earlier this year and smoothly secured a job at the Indonesian branch of Jiangsu Delong Nickel Co. Now, four months on from graduation, she’s not only in full-time employment, but also gaining valuable experience every day. 

With Narulita happy to be working in her desired company and getting well paid, her employer, the Delong company, was also sending positive messages back to her alma mater. 

“Narulita’s solid academic background and excellent language proficiency has made her the ideal person Delong has always been looking for,” said Cong Qian, deputy director of the International Education School at NPI. 

Cong sees Narulita and her Indonesian classmates as playing a supporting role in Delong’s successful expansion into Indonesia. The program has strengthened connections between NPI and Chinese enterprises, and boosted the school’s confidence. 

“Riding on the breeze of Jiangsu launching the Talent Selection Program (TSP), our school will strive hard to attract more students from BRI countries,” Cong said. 

According to Cong, the TSP is a provincial plan targeting overseas students, especially those from BRI countries, to pursue studies in Jiangsu. The plan was launched at the provincial capital of Nanjing on Dec 18.