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Scholarship Program for Undergraduates Studying Overseas


Program Overview

The program is developed by JPDE, coordinated by the Division of International Cooperation  and Exchange, the Division of Higher Education of JPDE and facilitated by JESIE. In order to increase professional competence and international awareness of undergraduates in Jiangsu Province and to increase the percentage of the undergraduates with oversea study experience. this program selects and sends students from universities and colleges abroad for short-term study. Participants may be awarded credits by their native universities in accordance with coursework offered by the overseas universities. So far, this program has successfully sent 3720 undergraduates from Jiangsu to over 20 top universities overseas, among which 90% rank the world’s top 100 and 65% rank top 50.


Financial Support

Students in the program are jointly funded by JPDE, participating schools and the participants themselves. The provincial government allocates 10,000 Yuan to each participant, with the annual total reaching 15 million Yuan. The funds include 10 million Yuan of partial scholarship and 5 million Yuan of full scholarship. Additionally, all the universities involved provide funds no lower than the provincial contribution.


Program Participation

In March, JPDE issues an announcement for candidate selection. JESIE implements the admission strictly based on the process of students online application, school verification, public demonstration and recommendation, and approval and release of participant list by JPDE.


Program Details

JESIE signs an agreement with overseas universities, illustrating academic arrangements, overseas reception plans, as well as the responsibilities of both parties. The program duration is 4-5 weeks.