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TOP-UP Program


Program Overview

The Top-up Program provides a unique opportunity for those who have already awarded an associate degree in Jiangsu to move on to developed countries for undergraduate and postgraduate education. After finishing their three-year study in vocational or technical colleges in China. Students are then admitted directly by the program’s overseas partner universities where they continue their undergraduate studies. The Top-up Program has signed agreements with dozens of universities in US, UK, Canada and Australia, offering 28 distinctive majors in 6 fields including business, information science, engineering, design, hygiene and education. The Top-up Program cooperating model has been established with 20 vocational or technical colleges in Jiangsu.

Program Participation

Students apply for the Chinese partner colleges after Chinese National University Entrance Examination. After getting admitted, students would study in the college for three years for an associate degree and meanwhile improve their English proficiency. Being awarded the associate degree, students would continue their undergraduate study in overseas partner universities for one to two years (three years for special majors) in order to obtain a bachelor’s degree.

Program Feature

JESIE helps participating students to improve the English proficiency and provides them opportunities for overseas further education by holding activities such as training sessions for English, English speech contests, intensive English training and study abroad advisory lectures.