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Teacher Training Program(Jiangsu)

Program Overview

Study abroad Program for Excellent Young and Experienced Teachers and Principals from Tertiary Intuitions is developed by JPDE, sponsored by JPDF, and facilitated by JESIE. The program annually sends 350 excellent new and experienced teachers and principals to overseas higher education institutions, in order to broaden their international vision, to enrich their teaching methodology and to improve their teaching quality through scientific research and technological innovation. Since 2013, JPDE has selected 1,800 outstanding new and experienced teachers and principals to study in world top 200 universities.


Application Procedure

Every December, JPDE establish and issue a quota for the number of applicants for the program to various higher education institutions. Qualified teachers can apply directly to the personnel department in the university or college, which will recommend their candidates to JPDE after careful consideration. The principal candidates are discussed and selected by their school Party Committee and then submitted to Jiangsu Provincial Party Organization Department for approval. Application materials should be submitted to JPDE prior to April every year. During the selection, a series of principles are always kept: participants apply in person; candidate lists are recommended by universities; candidates’ qualifications are reviewed by specialists; only outstanding ones are enrolled; teachers are sent abroad only after signing the contract; and participants need to bear compensation for damage on breach of contract.


Financial Support

JPDE funds 140,000 per person towards experienced and new core teachers in the program, and funds RMB 100,000 per person for participants in team training programs and job shadowing programs for principals. Participants’ school may contribute additional funds within the scope of the policy. Provincial and school funding budgets cannot be more than RMB 200,000 per person.



Training Arrangement

Experienced and new core teachers will study abroad for 12 months while other participants for 6 months. Different types of participants are trained with different methods: visits, studies and joint research for visiting scholars; joint research and product R&D for top university research teams; course study and participation in research and design for applied university teaching teams; and visits, studies and management practice for administrative teams. Presidents of  municipal-level tertiary institutions participating in the job shadowing program act as the assistant to the host president. Applicants are supposed to contact host institutions themselves. If officially requested, JESIE can facilitates the contact with the foreign institutions for some of the candidates.